Smilin’ Stan The Man Lee

I absolutely, one-hundred percent, agree with this:

There are rumours (aren’t there always?) that Stan Lee did not contribute as much as people think, that he latched on to people like Jack Kirby and took too much of the credit. Psshaw. Mouthy he certainly is, but he’s still worthy of the title of Greatest Man Who Ever Lived. Because it’s not just superheroes who owe him their existance as we know it. Titles such as Maus and Neil Gaiman’s Sandman would never have come about (not to mention runs such as The Watchmen); comics would almost certainly have died a humiliating death without Mr Lee, or someone like him.

On a surprisingly relevant side-note, I’m on issue #65 of the Amazing Spider-Man run, having bought the entire series on DVD-ROM. It’s awesome. Although it is at about this period that Spectacular Spider-Man first came out, so everything’s about to explode into potential nonsensical-ness.

The guy who wrote about Stan Lee is doing one piece on a different comics-related matter every day. So far, the whole run has been awesome: well-written and well-researched. And he reminded me of Death’s Head, so extra kudos points there.


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