Jack Thompson will have a field day with this

The PlayStation 3 is coming out in the US, which has seen the inevitable queuing up of many geeks, morons and prospective eBay goldminers over the last few days.

All this to buy a “murder simulator”?

Well, yes. But, bizarrely – wonderfully – Jack Thompson may have been right about his phrase, because an as-yet-unidentified group of people took umbrage at the queuing outside a Best Buy in Kentucky, and performed a GTA-style drive-by shooting, with BB guns.

One comment-monkey on Joystiq came out with a good line to sum up the carnage: “The PS3 spawn point was littered with campers….”

Oh dear.

[Via Joystiq]

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  1. Something similar happened when people were queuing up for the 360 launch, I think. And some people got mugged moments after having bought one. Which i imagine will happen again, too.

    And is it me or is next-gen all about faux-sci-fi shooters with sub-warhammer40k costumes and a palette of muddy browns?

    Do me a favour – when you read this, catch Wayne’s eye, and say ‘Stop it’ in a genial & Melchetty manner. He’s almost certainly doing something naughty.

  2. I must admit to not being entirely thrilled with the current next-gen selection. As beautiful though the X-Box 360 was, I’m still happy being last-gen right this second. A home international information data tube set would probably help change this, but hey…

    I now want to shoot nerds, though.

    He is indeed doing naughty things. But he liked the Monty Python clip.

  3. Also, “a GTA-style drive-by shooting”? I hope that’s parody, dear boy, because you were verging on Daily Mail territory with that.

    Oh, Never Mind The Buzzcocks was genius tonight, by the way. Amy Winehouse was on it, pissed as anything, and being quite astoundingly abusive to the new host [the curly haired chap from PopWorld]. But there was also some woman from GMTV who used to be a fashion columnist for the Daily Mail [ask Wayne, he’ll know who I mean], and floppy hair chap said to her:

    “So you used to write a fashion column for the Daily Mail. What does one wear to a lynching?”

  4. I hate Amy Winehouse. I wish she’d die. Maybe.

    Heard her live, once. Nowt special.

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