When hygiene becomes important

Going to see Muse tomorrow. Read the following on my sister’s blog:

“then mum and dad are going to pop over on saturday morning to say hi to geoff because they haven’t seen him in a while”

For “a while”, read “since April”. Guess I’d better have a shave, then…

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  1. yeah and mum says if you haven’t had a hair cut you’re in trouble.. so I suggest brushing it.

    oh and don’t let mum see your skanky jeans with the holes in. in fact, I’d bring those trousers she bought you, if they are still hole-free.. she was talking about them earlier!!

  2. I thought your dad was a fan of lipfur?

  3. he was! but then all the girls at his work did a sponsored thing for him to shave it off.. it obviously offended so many people that they raised £500!

  4. I had a haircut recently. Within the last month. Ish.



  5. hey I saw. I laughed.

  6. The only things Geoff trims are the little whiskers down below.

    Oh dear I think our friend W has corrupted me.

  7. Now I’m doubly glad I gave my parents this web address. Still, I did at least warn them it might have some dubious wordage on here. Didn’t tell them there would be any conversation concerning my pubic region, though.

  8. I meant your toe hairs.

    Filthy man.

  9. You walked right into that one, boyo.
    Wayne has taught him well.

  10. It’s all too easy.

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