Those crazy Russians

Melvin’s handed over a CD of a band called Night Sniper, which he found after one of their songs was featured in Project Gotham Racing 2. They’re Russian, and bonkers: check out this translation of one of their songs:

Nochnye Snajpery (Snaipery, Snaypery, Snipers)
31st spring
Big large city, highways and houses
Hussars in windows, a useless prison
Such a green apple, metal will sing
You’ll become sweeter
And I, I disappeared in Japanese camps
Disappeared as a pigeon, tomtit in hand
I was freezing in waiting for you

The 31st spring shares its night with you
And without doubt it’s jealous of all
And without doubt it’s jealous of all, hitting glass
And I bid farewell to the greasy city
Where trains don’t make it at any time
And my chapped lips have been here
So often

Daybreak. Wings, web, wires in straw
Such a smooth tiger I wait for you at the window
And water, stunned from tenderness
And I, I strive for you
Bend to the ground
I’m in this March, in this March forever
And stupefied ships are drifting


Now, I think bonkers foreign music is fab, as evidenced by my liking for a Mongolian band called Yat-Kha (who I discovered thanks to my ex-ex-girlfriend, who actually went to Mongolia for a holiday). So this is great stuff, and I heartily recommend it. And Yat-Kha too – which Melvin’s now listening to.

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  1. I love the line “Such a green apple, metal will sing” for the pure randomness of it. I can see the band meeting right now

    Writer “Fuckit. who needs lines to actually mean anything, it will sound cool in Russian trust me and the Yanks/Brits will eat that shit up”

    Band “Cool”

  2. What the hell is a tomtit?

  3. One of these?


  4. “tomtit – widely distributed European titmouse with bright cobalt blue wings and tail and crown of the head”


  5. How are your ears not bleeding???

  6. It sounds alot better in Russian [don’t be knocking the cool Russian musik]

  7. You know.

    If you wanted to be fair to them, it’s not too dissimilar to The Wasteland by TS Eliot. As in… pile of gibberish!

  8. Ah, you and your MA in 20th Century Poetry. See, I quite like The Wasteland. Having said that, I never had to study it…

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