Ctrl-Alt-Del has been lacking in it’s usual high quality, recently, but this made Melvin and I laugh:


For Melvin, it’s X-Box Live. For me, it’s Dawn Of War.

Speaking of which, Dark Crusade. Soon.

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  1. So, so true. Though some of my best online gaming has been in underpopulated rooms, as you get the chance to exchange tips and say ‘Ooh, how the fuck did you wall-bounce up there’ without getting your head blown off. Oh, how I miss SoF…

  2. The DoW rooms are shit, full stop. If they’re not under-populated, the chat-log is full of spammers and bizarreness. Thankfully, the game itself makes it worthwhile.

  3. One time in Counterstrike…

    (actually that quote is wrong for this, as CS doesn’t have chatrooms!)

  4. Oops, kind of misrepresented my point there. By underpopulated rooms, I meeant underpopulated maps. I never venture onto the forums. My inner grammar-nazi couldn’t bear it.

    Also Mr. Soo, you can now regale us with tales of Counter-Strike. I never knew you played CS. You must have forgotten to mention it…

  5. On DoW, you have no choice but to enter the chatrooms – the Gamespy system it uses means that you automatically see the chat going on while you pick a game. It’s very bad, especially considering it is apparently unmoderated.

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