Not hooked yet, but nearly.

Today, I played World Of Warcraft for the first time ever, logging on to The Soo’s account. Was fun, and I can see why it’s called Wowcrack. After a couple of hours gameplay, I had:

  • Been challenged by a level 30 character to a duel. I was level 2 at the time.
  • Been propositioned for sex. To be fair, they weren’t propositioning me specifically. They were propositioning everyone within earshot.
  • Died twice.
  • Been turned into a slug thing for a couple of minutes. And challenged to a duel whilst in this form.
  • Killed many evil giant rats kobolds.
  • Levelled up to level 6. Ding, maybe.
  • Started using a shovel for a weapon. That’s it on my character’s back in the picture.

Will I go back? Yeah, probably. But I’ll need to look into starting my own account to make it worthwhile, which means moving house and getting my own internet connection. So not for a few months, at bare minimum.

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  1. But when you, Chris and Wayne all move in together you’ll have broadband & sky digital (Wayne needs something to do).

  2. Lies. You’re hooked!

  3. I’ll also have DoW DC, Guitar Hero II and Wayne to keep me entertained.


  4. Wayne will be our tea-monkey. I will cook the meat. You must service us in some fashion, monsignor geoff.

    Just so you know, I don’t think I can live with a uterus-bearing human again, I’m just estrogened out. The OCD snorer ate the last of my chips. I am hungered and must sleep. Yes.

  5. I will eat the meat, and drink the tea. It’ll be wasted otherwise.

    As far as I know, I own no uterus. On the other hand, I’ve had two exes this year, and no one’s heard from them since I split up with them. Who knows where their internal organs are being kept… 😉

  6. Once upon a time there was a lovely little sausage called Baldrick, and he lived happily ever after.

  7. Also, the ‘Temple of Nod’ is now something hillier —>

  8. I saw, and I like.

  9. No, Dumas, look to thy blogroll.

  10. Extra bonus points for the filmic reference.

  11. That’d be The Shawshank Redemption. I’ll be having those extra points, s’il vous plait.

  12. Notwelshman gains +5 in Geekery.
    95 more and you’ll level up!

  13. Ding!

    (Another +10 for the ding thing, methinks)

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