An inability to tell the truth

This. This is why I hate the Daily Mail.

Toshiba, apparently, have developed a new system to “experience a full 360-degree view on a 40 centimetre dome-shaped screen”. It involves cutting the bottom out of a television set and jamming it on top of a child’s head, trying not to break her neck in the process.

Presumably, this load of bollocks story made the paper yesterday. Don’t know how I missed it.

Oh, yes I do. It’s because I didn’t do any work yesterday.

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  1. That will do wonders for porn.

  2. In which case, the joystick in that picture takes on an entirely different, ah, flavour.

  3. Back to normality, I wonder if it supports WOW, or DC.

    Hmmm. DC in 360 degree goodness.

  4. Why does she need two screens? :p

  5. Because it’s the future, and we can do anything…

    No – it’s because the Daily Mail is – if you will excuse my language – full of shit.

    Still, not as bad as the Sunday Express who, two and a half years ago, claimed that we were surrounding Osama Bin Laden’s desert fortress and were on the verge of capturing him. British journalism, at its finest.

  6. Nothing wrong with the Daily Mail. It’s a wonderful newspaper. I fully support them, and their journalistic style.

    Much like I like I, Robot. Big up Will Smith!

  7. Is the Daily Mail better or worse than The Sun?

    P.S. The Sun is pretty bad.

  8. Daily Mail is worse, I reckon. The Sun’s a joke, but the Daily Mail appeals to middle-Britain’s dark side: barely contained xenophobia and such forth.

    The Daily Express beats both of them hands-down as the worst paper in Britain, though. Absolute trash.

  9. They are all horrible creations whose sole purpose is to feed upon the paranoia of the unwashed masses.

    That and to be a wonderful source of problem pages.

  10. True, although the (rarer) problem pages in the broadsheets are usually much harsher, which is fun.

    Out of curiosity, Julenka, where’re you from? Are you in the US? We read the Wall Street Journal here too, so I wondered what your opinions were on the papers there.

    (In case you’re wondering, our job is to read the UK national newspapers for clients. All of the national newspapers. Fun stuff…)

  11. Nup, I’m from Australia. πŸ™‚

    I flick through our local tabloid ocassionally, but don’t really read papers apart from that. I cheat. πŸ˜€ I go online for my news.

    Your job sounds like fun, though! I imagine it would suck to read so much of The Sun/Daily Mail/etc., but still..!

  12. Newspapers are the source of all evil in the world.

    They truly are. Them and George W. Bush.

  13. I now proclaim my blog to have an international readership, which come in handy next time I’m jobhunting! Never mind that my readership number is still in single figures… Woo!

    The job is fun, but – strangely – it gets dull, as The Soo and Chris will atest. And the hours suck majorly.

  14. It’s ok. Though we are few, it’s the quality that matters.

    Together our collective will spread forth, much like a plague of kittens.

  15. You say this, while poor Julenka is probably deleting your comments off their site! And my comments too… πŸ˜‰

  16. I quite clearly put a disclaimer on mine.


  17. Besides, just drop in that you have an Australian reader. πŸ˜‰ Australia is awesome, so they’ll like you for that.

  18. Australia. Home of Crocodile Dundee, Fosters and the late Steve Irwin.

    I do plan to go there one day, before the Great Barrier Reef disappears.

  19. Which part of Australia? Don’t worry – I’m not about to barge through your door. The Soo might, though.

  20. South Australia.

    If I tell you just the state, I’m protecting myself from visitors knocking on the front door. ;p Hehehe.

  21. I actually guessed right. I said they were in Australia rather than America. Though the camera showing me the Sydney Opera House may have been an unfair advantage.

  22. No, I reckon we can track you from that…

    Like The Soo, I wouldn’t mind visiting Australia at some point in my life. Never had the money to do so, though. I’m waiting to find someone rich, marry them, and then go travelling.

  23. All you need is the airfare. Then you can backpack your way across the place! Though don’t watch Wolf Creek before you do so.

    Why am I writing this to you when I could just say it?

    Hmmm. Backpacking. How I miss those days!

  24. Though the camera showing me the Sydney Opera House may have been an unfair advantage.

    South Australia, not New South Wales. πŸ˜‰ Although I’d agree, and say that New South Wales is superior to South Australia. :p heh.

    How’d you figure I was not an American? Did my spelling give it away?

  25. Oooo, I need to brush up on my geography on Australia. Not that I have any anyway 😦

    Was a random guess tbh, mainly the time difference between your blog and this one, and the way you write without US slang terminology.

  26. without US slang terminology.

    The lack of misspelled words, then? πŸ˜€

  27. Oooo, I need to brush up on my geography on Australia. Not that I have any anyway 😦

    Aww, you don’t have any ‘geography of Australia’? How sad for you. ;p


    I don’t know any US slang, except for rap video stuff like ‘the gangstas and the hoes’ – which, erm.. isn’t really my thing, ya know?

    I actually thought the spelling of ‘colour’, for example, would give it away. Americans like to drop letters like hot potatoes.

    You guys are all from the UK, I assume?

  28. Indeed we are.

    Sunny old England.

  29. Sunny old London, to be specific.

    Well, it’s night-time here, so not so sunny…

  30. Not really that sunny during the day either too.

    More murky, foggy, misty, and occasionally rainy.

  31. Yep, we’re obviously British. We’ve managed to get the conversation onto the weather… Go us!

  32. You know, WOW has lovely weather effects too.

    (just had to)

  33. Shameless and shameful as always, Monsignor Soo.

  34. Everyone has vices.

    Some people like to collect stamps, other like to invade other countries, some even like to drink tea.

    Mine are simple and less world threatening.

    (Viva La Revolution!)

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