So it was serious, then.

Conclusion to this post:

The first and third options have now been scrapped. Guitar Hero II it is, then.

Uh, just before I come across as a real prick: the third option wasn’t scrapped because of the other two choices, as may have been implied. Money factored into it, but not in a major way.

This is my very round-about way of saying that I’m newly single, for the second time this year. And, before anyone rashly decides to try and be sympathetic: I was in a better mood yesterday (post-singledom) than I have been for the last six months. Seriously.

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  1. And i’m sure finding out that you were the only member of TI staff not a] wet or b] woken from your alcoholic stupor so you could be told about the wetness makes yesterday all the sweeter.

  2. I received a text message at the time, so I was indeed woken. I simply chose to ignore it and returned to my stupor.

  3. This post is about as cryptic as it gets, I think. 😉 So instead, I’ll pretend like I know what you’re saying, and thank you for adding be to your blogroll: thank you!


  4. Heh – no problem.

    The post… I put up a question: should I spend next month’s Large Amount Of Cash on a Nintendo DS, Guitar Hero II, or on keeping my girlfriend. I’m a deep, caring man, me.

    Then, pretty much coincidentally, I split up from my girlfriend, hence this post. Long story, but I’m still strangely cheerful about it.

    And the stuff about being neither wet nor woken in the above comments refers to the fact that my office building got flooded over the weekend. I work a night-shift, and chose to ignore any incoming messages from the weekend staff, on account of the fact that I was drunk at the time…

  5. Probably the one and only time notwelshman has passed on meat 😉

    Shame about the DS though 😦

  6. Ooh. You got flooded, eh? Was it your office building? As in, are you in charge of it.. and, like, making sure it doesn’t get flooded and stuff? :p Heh.

  7. Mr notwelshman doesn’t own the building. Shame really.

    In fact, he wasn’t even here!

  8. Thankfully not… I just help run the week-night shift, and was drinking with my boss, who actually does run the week-night shift. So he got phoned in an official capacity, and I got texted in a “Hey, guess what happened to us?” capacity.

    Apparently, the water-tank near the roof overfilled and burst. The stairs were like a waterfall. Unfortunately, nothing in our office got damaged. Not even a little bit. 😦

  9. Yes, phoning the boss was genius. I could smell the alcohol through the phone.

  10. And yet it didn’t even begin to dull the pain…

    If you’d left when I said you wouldn’t have had to be moist and near the Lau. Which only gives Wayne ideas.

  11. I know, I should have escaped and driven home happy and dry.

  12. blimey.

    in good news.. I have broadband again 🙂 geek status is back..

    can i have the ps2 yet?

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