May or may not be an entirely serious question.


Or this?

Or this?

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  1. I think you already answered the question with the order you put the pictures in 🙂

  2. Do you know – I never even considered that I had subconsiously automatically arranged the photos. In which case, why is this picture not at the top of the list?
    Momentous occasion

  3. As do I.
    Great arse though.
    [ooh, i’m going to burn in hell for that one…]

    But seriously, GH2, all the way.

  4. Yeah, but [no pun intended] f you did burn in hell at least you’d have that imagine scorched to the back of your retina 🙂

  5. At least I didn’t mention her tits…

  6. No, you didn’t. Well done, there.

  7. Really hope there are no links on your flickr site to this page!


  8. I am a paragon of tact and virtue.

    How the hell did you boys step into the future?
    I know TI’s technogibbons are inept, but surely they didn’t stumble on a flux capacitor while drinking on call?

  9. and me too!

    how screwy…

  10. For we are techogibbons – news monkeys of the highest order.

    For the Horde!

  11. I think this may sway your decision –

    Get yourself GH2 and a Wii60, dear boy, and ask nicely for a DS for your birthday.
    You know it makes sense…

  12. That. Is. Fucking. Genius.

    Decision swayed. Bye Guitar Hero II, bye T&A, hello DS and comics.

  13. you’ll need to look into this to get it to work, though…

  14. Eek. Not happening. Not spending £100+ just to have a monster open it up and break it, or to have an unslightly lump sticking out of the GBA port.


    Ah, well.

  15. GH2 and a Wii60 then?

  16. No point in Wii60, for reasons that have long since been covered. DS still an option, but I have an innate refusal to attempt to mod things that I can’t afford to replace.

    We’ll see.

    IIII IIII //
    IIII IIII //
    IIII IIII////


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