Ambition is not always welcome

I have the bizarre and over-riding urge to pack in my job and open up a comic shop.

This is unusual on several counts. Firstly, I have never had the desire to open up a shop before. I have no business sense, no particular affinity with numbers other than a half-hearted A-Level in Maths, and no love of interacting with the outside world. Not exactly salesman material. That’s not to say I’d make a bad salesman; I’ve been offered sales jobs before, and always turned them down on the basis that I have a soul that I’d very much like to keep, thank you very much.

It’s also unusual because I know I have no money, and therefore can’t afford to open a shop. I mean, I think I know a reasonable amount about comics and the industry, and what I don’t know can be easily found out. But money may be an issue. I can’t afford to fill a shop with stock. But that’s okay, because I can’t afford a shop to put stock in.

Damn it.

As a side-note, this did not stop me sending off for a “Set up your business” pack from Barclays. Heh.

So: if anyone rich ever reads this, chuck me a mail or add a comment. Your money will be gratefully received.

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  1. Ambition is always welcome.

    Your mind will wander at work, this is a given.

    It may wander to a place where you are choking the living shit out of the Lau.
    This may be fun, but in your mind, you’re still at work.

    However. When your mind wanders to opening a comic shop in some as-yet-unspecified town [many tips from Nick about this, which i’ll relay over the phone later] your mind is no longer at work.

    This can only be a good thing.

    Government loves small businesses. They will give you money.
    We know several people whose absence would not be noted. The sale of their kidneys will give you money.
    One day, I will win the lottery. I will then give you money.

    Ambition is always welcome.
    Because what’s the fucking point, otherwise?

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